Oct 21, 2010

Custom Boxster exhaust on a budget! ($450) DIY

Customized budget exhaust - total cost? About $450!
Porsche, trying to deliver some audible pleasure to its buyers, flagrantly positioned the Boxster's engine intake near the driver's head. This does a reasonable job of conveying the flat-6 soundtrack. 

Unfortunately Porsche decided to, in earlier models at least, completely mute the exhaust tone using bland tips and a bloated muffler. This is great for those who prefer their films the same way they prefer their cars (silent),  but a bit of a downer to those of us who want some more sound.

Unfortunately, most decent catback exhaust systems for the Boxster cost $800-$1000+.The cheapest I'd found was a $600 Chinese catback on eBay but I found the tips quite ugly and I was not about to pay $600 for the thing. Sure I wanted my car to sound good, but not so much that I'd spend over a grand on a muffler. 

So I decided to improvise, and modify a cheap, $300 exhaust to my liking. Read on!

Sep 10, 2010

Intermediate Shaft (IMS) Bearing Info and Fixes

LN Engineering upgraded dual row IMS bearing and flange.
If you're considering a Boxster and have done your homework, you've no doubt raised an eyebrow at stout warnings regarding intermediate shaft (IMS) bearing failures sending engines to the scrap heap. No doubt, one is shaky to pull the trigger on a Boxster when presented with "there's this thing called an IMS bearing that can fail and blow up an engine that you can't afford to replace." On the other hand, if you already own a Boxster, you've probably turned the key at least a few times and thought "is my engine going to turn into an eligible candidate for an enthusiast's coffee table?"

Fortunately, there are kits available to replace the IMS bearing and prevent your engine from spending the rest of its life in a living room. What's more, they're not extremely expensive nor are they extremely hard to install. The kits cost ~$600-$700 depending on what type of bearing you have.

Click the link to read more.

Sep 8, 2010

Forums, FAQs and Other Boxster guides

Welcome to the 986 Enthusiast Guide!

Whether you're looking into buying a Boxster or getting started with mods/maintenance/repairs, this site will provide a pool of information to help you along the way.

To start out, here's a few links that cover many basic questions about the 986:

Mike Focke's Boxster Pages - Lots of Boxster info, everything from purchasing to DIY guides.

Bombay Digital - Some good DIYs and other info here.

986 FAQ - Detailed information about the Boxster in general, including lists of factory options etc.

Pelican Parts Boxster tech articles - a gold mine of DIY information. Wayne's writeups are thorough and well written and help immensely when tackling DIY projects.

RennTech Forums - Most Boxster forums are kind of slow, however RennTech usually yields quick and helpful answers. There's a specific thread for fetching radio codes, too.