Sep 8, 2010

Forums, FAQs and Other Boxster guides

Welcome to the 986 Enthusiast Guide!

Whether you're looking into buying a Boxster or getting started with mods/maintenance/repairs, this site will provide a pool of information to help you along the way.

To start out, here's a few links that cover many basic questions about the 986:

Mike Focke's Boxster Pages - Lots of Boxster info, everything from purchasing to DIY guides.

Bombay Digital - Some good DIYs and other info here.

986 FAQ - Detailed information about the Boxster in general, including lists of factory options etc.

Pelican Parts Boxster tech articles - a gold mine of DIY information. Wayne's writeups are thorough and well written and help immensely when tackling DIY projects.

RennTech Forums - Most Boxster forums are kind of slow, however RennTech usually yields quick and helpful answers. There's a specific thread for fetching radio codes, too.

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