May 8, 2011

Door Sub Upgrade

One can tell the Boxster is a real sports car because the designers made no effort to fit it with a particularly good sounding stereo. I can just picture a German engineer sitting at his desk saying: "Vhy vould you vant to listen to music vhen ze engine sounds so good?"

Ok, it really doesn't sound THAT bad. And I do in fact spend more time listening to the engine than the stereo. However at one point I decided to do an experiment to see if I could squeeze some more bass out of the Boxster sound system.

Click the link for the full story.

Apr 15, 2011

Brembo Caliper Refinish

While they could still stop the car the way throwing a boat anchor out the back would, my Brembo calipers did not have the shiny red finish they bore the day they left the factory.

Having done powdercoating work back in the day (I used to paint wheels, valve covers, all sorts of things) I decided to refinish them myself.

(apologies for the mix of cell phone and camera pics, I used whatever was handy)

This is what I started with. Yuck. Hard to tell, but the red had become dull with no gloss at all.

Click the link to see my refinishing make these look like new again!

How to Fix the Climate Control LCD

When I first got my Boxster, the climate control display was all but useless. The numbers didn't display properly and the vent controls (top, bottom, middle, etc) were completely blocked out by what looked like a liquid crystal fireball that was liable to consume the rest of the display in time.

I had to poke at the unit, try to read the garbled numbers and wait for the air to start blowing somewhere without knowing whether it was supposed to be hot or cold. It was like playing with dyslexic el niño.

Fortunately I found a cheap solution. Module Master makes a $53 LCD rebuild kit:
Module Master Porsche Climate Control LCD Rebuild Kit

It includes instructions and is very easy to install.

For some pictures from my install, check the link below.

Mar 25, 2011

Boxster eBay Headers: Close Up Pics

Since I was redoing my Boxster's catback, I figured I'd replace the headers as well. I decided to give the ~$100 Chinese headers that are all over eBay (just do a search, they're everywhere) a shot.

When buying headers, please make sure to note how many holes for O2 sensors the headers have. Some will only have one hole per header, which won't work on cars that have two holes per header stock. I asked the seller prior to buying the headers to verify that they had the necessary holes for O2s.

I also made sure to buy O2 sensor spacers. This is simply to prevent the check engine light from coming on when replacing headers that have pre-cats (such as the headers on my '01 S). Since the secondary O2s are right after the cats, they will detect the lack of a cat and throw a CEL unless a spacer is used. Some recommend buying an angled spacer and tilting it upwards to prevent condensation pooling up at the head of the O2 sensor.  

Here are some close up pics of the headers. Look like they're pretty well put together. Impressive for the $100 or so they cost.

See the rest of the pics by following the link!