Apr 15, 2011

How to Fix the Climate Control LCD

When I first got my Boxster, the climate control display was all but useless. The numbers didn't display properly and the vent controls (top, bottom, middle, etc) were completely blocked out by what looked like a liquid crystal fireball that was liable to consume the rest of the display in time.

I had to poke at the unit, try to read the garbled numbers and wait for the air to start blowing somewhere without knowing whether it was supposed to be hot or cold. It was like playing with dyslexic el niño.

Fortunately I found a cheap solution. Module Master makes a $53 LCD rebuild kit:
Module Master Porsche Climate Control LCD Rebuild Kit

It includes instructions and is very easy to install.

For some pictures from my install, check the link below.
How the display looked originally:

The unit out of the car:

The rebuild kit:

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